Aeration literally means to add air or oxygen to wine. This is a process that has been followed for centuries, and wine aeration should be an integral part of your wine enjoyment.

When you age wine, there is a complex chemical reaction that occurs between the sugars, alcohol and phenolic compounds.  Over time the tannins break down creating a smoother aromatic and more drinkable wine, which is one key reason why older wines are more expensive. Aerating a young wine mimics the ageing process and the result will be a richer wine with enhanced flavors, and softer tannins.

With our patented smart aeration technology, we take the stressful guessing game out of wine enjoyment so you have more time to relax and enjoy. We are the worlds 1st aerator that delivers a simple ‘one click operation’ with no chemical additives or forced oxygenation just pure wine naturally!

Most red wines and a few white wines will all benefit from Aeration, you should never aerate sparkling wine as it will cause all the bubbles to escape! Typically, younger bold wines will benefit the most and have a remarkable taste difference after using the Levare Aerator.

Open your bottle and pour the wine into our specially designed decanter. Place decanter on the base unit and press the power button. Simple, Effective and Automatic.

Levare wine Aerator will not ruin your wine as it does not alter but simply enhances the flavor profiles that are already present in your wine.

Our Levare decanter is custom designed made of food grade quality glass. We recommend you hand-wash with dish soap only.

Our base unit is designed to withstand small spills, we designed drainage channels on the base unit to move the moisture away from sensitive electronics and motors.

Do not place in dishwasher – we recommend wiping with a moist towel if needed. Do not place base unit or decanter in the dishwasher as this will void the warranty.

The base unit can be powered with 4 x AA batteries for added convenience & portability or with the included standard USB plug that can be plugged into a traditional wall outlet.

We recommend using rechargeable batteries that are designed for modern electronics; our testing shows with 4 new AA batteries Levare will perform 50+ aeration cycles.

All Levare products come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.