Meet Levare.

The sommelier swirl. Perfected.

Combining the power of motion with traditional decanting, Levare’s patented technology naturally aerates wines to perfection in minutes.

Levare /le·và·re/
(Italian) to lift, elevate, raise.


The Levare Story:

Born from necessity, designed from experience.

Life is too short for a bad glass of wine.

We believe that every wine drinker, from expert to novice alike, deserves to fully experience the taste, aroma, and bouquet of their wines as they were intended.

The idea for Levare came from years of experiencing some of the best - and worst - wines the world has to offer and first-hand understanding of the difference aeration makes. We aim to bring the joy of true taste to every wine enthusiast by eliminating long waiting periods and artificial methods of forcing wine to “breathe”.


To make enjoying wine to its fullest an accessible experience for all, no deep wine knowledge required.

How We
Do It:

The Levare’s signature swirl provides fast, natural aeration without additives, chemicals or taste-altering contaminates.


The Art of Aeration

The science behind each sip.

  1. Wine aeration can change the perceived flavor of wine, as exposure to oxygen increases oxidation of phenolic compounds.
  2. Polyphenols react with saliva, causing users to experience astringency or bitterness.
  3. Increased aeration reduces polyphenolic content of wine, resulting in decreased bitterness, and a“smoother” finish.
  4. A 2011 Cornell study found that the swirling motion increases the surface area of liquid exposed to oxygen most efficiently - making the“swirl” the optimal motion for faster natural aeration.
  1. Laurie, V. F., Salazar, S., Campos, M. I., Cáceres-Mella, A., & Peña-Neira, Á. (2014). Periodic aeration of red wine compared to microoxygenation at production scale. American Journal of Enology and Viticulture, 65(2), 254-260.
  2. Day, M. P., Espinase Nandorfy, D., Bekker, M. Z., Bindon, K. A., Solomon, M., Smith, P. A., & Schmidt, S. A. (2021). Aeration of Vitis vinifera Shiraz fermentation and its effect on wine chemical composition and sensory attributes. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research.
  3. Russell, K., Zivanovic, S., Morris, W. C., Penfield, M., & Weiss, J. (2005). The effect of glass shape on the concentration of polyphenolic compounds and perception of Merlot wine. Journal of food quality, 28(4), 377-385.
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In short:

Levare’s signature swirl naturally allows your wines to aerate more quickly and achieve their intended flavor faster.

The Levare

Specifications and Details

Operating Time: 5 min/cycle
Stand-By-Time: 1 min

Dimensions: L 7.9 x W 8.9 x H 1.8 inches
Weight: 15.2 ounces

Working Voltage/Current: 5V/300mAh
Power supply options: (1) Micro USB cable or (4)1.5V AA batteries (not included)
Accessories: USB cable/User manual/Warranty card/Soft cloth


The Levare

Specifications and Details

Premium metallic finish
Dual power options for on-the-go and entertaining
Low profile, small-space friendly design

Sleek, tech-forward look and feel
Set up in seconds, no assembly required
Easy-clean design is resistant to spills and drips

The Levare Decanter

Specifications and Details

Dimensions: Diameter 7.7 inches x H 8.9 x H 12.0 inches
Weight: 21.2 ounces

The sommelier swirl. Perfected.



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